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Quang An is ranked among the top coolest streets in the world

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 03/18/2024
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The magazine Time Out has just released its list of ’30 Coolest Streets in the World in 2024′. Notably, Quang An Street in Tay Ho District, Hanoi, made an appearance on this list. Quang An Street isn’t crowded with houses and one side of the route offers stunning views of West Lake’s waters. This street faces East, making it absolutely stunning at dawn. If you’re into cycling, you’ve got to check out this route—it’s a real treat, with beautiful scenery and peaceful vibes all the way.

quang an street tay ho hanoi (2)

Tay Ho district determines to focus on investing and developing the Quang An peninsula into a high-quality cultural, commercial and tourist service center to exploit the unique value here. In this peninsula, you’ll find a few well-known streets like Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai, Quang An, and Quang Khanh. Among them, Quang An stands out as the go-to route for most people.

For years, this has been one of the most picturesque and renowned lakeside routes in Tay Ho district. Stretching approximately 1.1km, Quang An Street runs from the intersection of Tu Hoa and Xuan Dieu Streets to the junction with Quang Khanh Street. Its winding path beckons numerous visitors to explore its charms.

Time Out asked their experts worldwide to pick the best streets. They made a list of the greatest roads globally, including Quang An. Though it’s a brief mention, it highlights some notable features of the street.

quảng an top street in the world

Quang An is renowned for its stunning sunrise vistas, drawing in young crowds to its lakeside cafes. On weekends, it buzzes with activity as cyclists take to the streets and paddleboarders glide across the lake. By nightfall, the street comes alive with the glow of bars and restaurants.

Here, you’ll discover a mix of upscale serviced apartments and luxury hotels overlooking the lake. Yet, just a stone’s throw away, you’ll stumble upon cozy cafes with laid-back vibes. These quaint spots offer lounge chairs where you can kick back, soak in the panoramic views of West Lake, and indulge in refreshing coconut drinks.

sup in westlake

SUP paddling at Westlake

dating in westlake

Ideal dating spot

teahouse in quang an
teahouse in quang an tay ho 3

A pretty teahouse on Quang An street (Nagocha)

luxury hotel on quang an street

Luxury hotel on Quang An street

modest cafe & restaurants on quang an street

Modest restaurant & coffee shop on Quang An street

What do you think? Is Quang An the most beautiful street in Hanoi in your eyes? Or does Quang An deserve to be among the coolest roads in the world? Please let us know. Contact us if you are looking to rent an apartment in Tay Ho or buy apartment in Tay Ho.

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