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Hanoi Climate

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 10/03/2019
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Hanoi has a temperate and tropical climate, with 4 distinct seasons and big differences in temperature in each season. Summer in Hanoi is hot (almost 38 °C), while winter is cold and dry. Spring and autumn are short and cool. People like Autumn and Spring because its nice weather & pleasant temperature. The coldest month is December & January. But no worries, no matter how cold it is, it doesn’t snow in Vietnam. On the other hand, there are 2 only seasons in Ho Chi Minh city: rain season and dry season. It’s quite simple & a bit boring. Now let’s explore Hanoi Climate:

Spring (February-April)

It is from February to April, with frequent intervals of rising and lowering of temperatures. The weather is chilly and cool at the begining. And at the end of the season, it’s hotter with the temperature of 25 -28°C. The characteristic color of this season is the color of peach blossom which is a symbol of Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tết). 

hoa dao

Summer (April-July)

You know it’s summer when you can see a typical kind of “Sun protection clothing” wear by Vietnamese women on all the streets. It is from April to July, usually scorching with sizzling temperatures at noon. There are occasional downpours and heavy storms. Umbrella, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended. 

summer hanoi

Autumn (August – November)

It is from August to November and the one of 2 beautiful and pleasant seasons in Hanoi. The temperature is around 22-28 °C. Normally, trees shed their leaves and flowers shed their petals. You will be overwhelmed by the poetic beauty of Hanoi.There are many songs writing about Autumn in Hanoi you might want to listen to.

Autumn in Hanoi

Winter (December – February)

Winter comes from the middle of December when people start putting on windbreakers going to work. And it’s truly cold in January, no snow though. The lowest temperature is just around 6-8°C. Get ready to prepare down jackets, thick jeans, sweaters & gloves. Actually, the young in Hanoi like hanging out in the winter. They go to the Old Quarter, have steaming hot-pot & sip drink.

winter in hanoi

Weather of all months in Hanoi

Are you planning to go on a vacation, picnic, or organize an important day event? What will the weather be like? Will it rain? Or will it be cold? Is there a storm coming soon? Knowing the weather is always a helpful way to plan outdoor activities with family and friends. With the purpose of bringing the most accurate weather and temperature forecasts, this weather forcast website is a fast, free online service and best meet the weather monitoring needs today in Hanoi.

January is considered the beginning of a new year. January in Hanoi is still at the end of winter so overall the weather is still very cold. The lowest temperature of the day sometimes drops to just 10oC.

Entering February, spring brings more warmth to Hanoi. Flowers begin to bloom to welcome spring. The Lunar New Year also usually falls in the beginning of February. At this time, welcoming Tet and festivals contribute to creating a bustling and joyful atmosphere for the whole land.

March is the period of peak tourist season in Hanoi at the beginning of the year. Many people often plan their Hanoi tours after Tet. The weather in March in Hanoi is moderate, not too cold and not too hot. Hanoi sometimes has drizzle lasts for a few days.

In April, Hanoi weather has many clear changes, forecasting the beginning of summer. The average temperature in Hanoi is higher, about 22 to 27oC. Some heavy rains also appear.

By May, Hanoi was in summer, the sun was hot, the weather was quite dry. But in return the showers make the air become cooler. In May, phoenix flowers and purple Lagerstroemia blossoms bloom to bring a romantic, gentle beauty to the capital’s scenery.

The pink color of the lotus flowers beautifies Hanoi in June. This month, the temperature in Hanoi increases, the frequency of rains is also more and more. Although the rain makes the air less hot, the rain also affects quite a lot on tours. However, due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature in Hanoi is very hot in 2020. The outdoor temperature can be up to 45 Celsius Degree. As well, there is less rains.

Hanoi sky in July is usually very clear and green. The autumn winds bring quite a cool atmosphere. July, Hanoi is still in the rainy season. So if you plan to travel in July, visitors should consult the weather forecast in advance. Hanoi’s weather shows signs of change. We find that the hot period lasts longer. The temperature still remains very high in July 2020.

August is the peak month of the rainy season in Hanoi. Therefore, in the article on the topic: “Which season should Hanoi tourism go?”, It is recommended that tourists should limit tourism to Hanoi in the summer, especially in August because this is high time. During the monsoon season, heavy rains often occur. To understand more, visitors can find the article read on the website of VietFun Travel.

Hanoi in September is more passionate with the characteristic milk flower smell. Walking on the streets of Hanoi in September, visitors will feel the scenery and atmosphere of Hanoi as quieter, more calm, but extremely romantic.

In October, Hanoi weather completely stopped raining. The autumn winds make Hanoi a little cooler. The view of the capital around October is the most beautiful and romantic of the year.

The air in Hanoi turns cold in November. The temperature drops and the wind blows. The sky is quite clear, creating favorable conditions for Hanoi tours, especially for trips on the outskirts of Hanoi.

December is the last month of the year which is also the peak month of Hanoi winter. Cold air masses cause the temperature of Hanoi to drop, sometimes very cold. For those who prefer the feeling of cold, traveling to Hanoi in December will be an option not to be missed. However, visitors also need to pay attention to stay healthy, so prepare enough warm costumes.

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