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Humid weather in Hanoi / How to clean your house?

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 11/10/2019
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The vast majority of people living in northern Vietnam often get frustrated when it comes to humid weather. In Vietnam, we call it “Nồm” phenomenon. This type of weather causes a lot of disturbance in the daily life. One of the recognizable symptom is the fact that your home is always in wet state. Mold appears in the corners of the house, in the kitchen and in the bathroom. You always feel the bathroom smells even after you’ve cleaned it. That’s it. . If you detect these symptoms, it means humid weather is coming. Aesthetics is only part of the harmful effects of high humidity. This adversely affects the health of family members. So how to clean your house in the humid weather in Hanoi?

clean house in humid weather

Humid weather in Hanoi

This is a typical weather phenomenon of North Vietnam in spring (from February to April). When the humidity is up to 90% or more, there will be high humidity phenomenom.

humid weather in hanoi vietnam

Humid weather in Hanoi causes steam to condense so air is wet & damp. The most noticeable and uncomfortable manifestation of this phenomenom is that the floors, walls, ceilings are usually wet like “sweating”. Without the dryer machine, it’s challenging to dry out your wet clothes. And the tragedy begins here. In 1 week, your clothes are half dry and half wet. Towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions always create a sense of moisture and smell . Besides, electronic equipments are easily damaged. Food is easily moldy. All these problems really create conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply.

For humans, this unpleasant weather phenomenon causes pores to become clogged. The process of excretion through the skin is limited. Therefore it causes a series of diseases such as headache, fatigue, asthma, cardiovascular, joint diseases, digestive, etc.

In humid days in Hanoi, many people tend to get doors open, clean floor with water and turn on the fan to dry the house. However, this is completely WRONG. Doing these things adds to the humidity.

Always close the door

In the humid weather, the wet floor and the stuffy atmosphere make many people tend to open windows and doors to catch the wind. But in fact, this is a disastrous mistake. Winds that bring high humidity into your home will only make your home more damp. Ideally, you should limit the door opening, and at the same time find a way to close the holes in the house, minimize the exchange of moisture to minimize the sweating phenomenon of the floor.

Cleaning with dry mop

To cope with the humid weather in Vietnam, many Vietnamese people constantly clean the house in the expectation that it will be dry and clean. But if you use a wet mop, your home is even not only unclean but also wetter and more uncomfortable. If it is imperative to clean the house, it is best to use a dry rag or other highly porous cloth to wipe off any accumulated water.

Use dehumidifying methods and tools

Currently, on the market there are many types of dehumidifiers, diverse in both origin and design. If possible, do not hesitate to buy this type of machine because it will be an effective assistant in the humid days, helping your house to be dry, clean. The price of a dehumidifier in Hanoi ranges from $ 150 to $ 400. You can see many models here: You should tell the saleperson how large is your accommodation and he will advise you which model is suitable.


dehumidifier in vietnam

If you are renting an apartment in Hanoi, you should tell the agent to negotiate with the owner about having a dryer. You can even buy one fỏ just from 350$. In the humid weather, you barely know how important a dryer is. Laundry service is not always convenient.

In addition, you can find many other hygroscopic materials such as coal, lime, old newspapers or dry towels, … These materials are not expensive but easy to use. You can put a small pot of charcoal in the room, under the chair … to support dehumidification. Note, only to dry charcoal, absolutely not burning.

For common areas in the house such as doors, bathroom doors, rugs, you can also order a few newspapers to support dehumidification in a short time. This is a good way because not all homes have enough replacement carpets in the long wet days.

Turn on air conditioner dry mode

Surely this is the easiest way to deal with the moisture in your house. Air conditioner will absorb all water vapor in the environment. This helps circulate air, ensuring health for members, especially in families with young children. However, this is not the most economical method. You know, air conditioners consume a lot of electricity. You probably won’t want to receive your $ 500 electricity bill. Therefore, preferably, you should combine a variety of methods and use the air conditioner according to the interruption period.

Clean mold and disinfect furniture with hot water

Household items such as chopsticks, bamboo ladles, and wood are easy to get moldy on damp days. If proper disinfection is not known, these items may be harmful to the health of family members. After washing the dishes, rinse them with hot water for the last time, dry it or arrange it in a gap. We all know hot water evaporates faster, thereby shortening the time to dry dishes. If you have a dishwasher in your home, this procedure is easier.

Preserve electronics

If household electrical appliances are exposed to moisture, they will quickly fail. So turn on your electronics and leave them on standby to limit the effects of steam on items like TVs, music players, computers, etc.

Household electronics should not be placed next to walls to avoid dangerous electrical leakage. Electrical equipment should be higher than the floor and about 15 cm from the wall.

Electronic devices that are easily exposed to moisture, such as cameras, lenses, etc., need to be well preserved. It should be stored in a special toothed box or stored in a box with a dehumidifying bag inside. If the electrical equipment malfunctions due to moisture, the dryer can be used immediately for drying.

dehumidifier dry boxUse aromatic essential oils and candles

To avoid the odor from humid air, you can use aromatic essential oil in the corner of the house. You should use the slight smell like lavender, lemon, lemongrass to make the house smell the most pleasant. You can also light scented candles in the middle of the living room. Burning candles will absorb the smell, mold and smoke in the room.

candle dehumidfication

This tips might help expats newly moving to Hanoi Vietnam to dehumidify in annoying weather.

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