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Cleaning Service in Hanoi

Welcome customer! We, are delighted to provide housing cleaning services in Hanoi. This is service for busy people who do not have time to clean the house or want their home to be professionally cleaned. Our staffs will help you to refine the house in just a short time at a reasonable price. You can take care of your home perfectly with just a call to us.


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What do we have?

Maid service in Hanoi

This is a favourite choice of families. In today’s busy life, we have very little time to relax and entertain. Not only that, when returning home from the office, we face tons of housework. Weekly cleaning service at home with experienced and professional maids will solve that headache of dear customers. The hard working maids will always keep your home in a clean and tidy condition.

Cleaning service in Hanoi

Housekeeping Service in Hanoi

A high quality service for clients that would like to live in a hotel standard condition. Our staff will come daily to your home to clean rooms, change linens, do the laundry, … This service is normally valid in serviced apartments in Hanoi but with us, customers will feel much more comfortable and satisfied. Staffs from has experience in working in hotels, so they are confident to give the best service to clients.

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Hourly Cleaning Service in Hanoi

This option is very convenient for customer when they don’t really need a regular cleaning. Call us when you are going to move in a new home and want it to be cleaned in every corner. Whenever you need a part time cleaner, we come to help you out only in 20 minutes. Our skilled cleaners are well equipped with cleaning tools and detergents. All stubborn stains or nasty oil and grease stains are neatly solved.

housekeeping service in hanoi

Why should you choose our service?

Reasonable Price 

We provide customers with cheap cleaning service in Hanoi but with the best quality.

Fast And Convenient 

Just by one call, you can quickly make a booking. Our maid can appears at your home from 20 to 30 minutes.

Reliable and Safe

We are confident that will bring absolute satisfaction to customers. Commitment to security by contract. Keep the relationship with trust.

cleaning service in Hanoi

How much is cleaning service in Hanoi?

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What does the standard cleaning service include?

This standard cleaning includes dusting and washing of all reachable surfaces, wiping the outside of kitchen appliances & cabinets, wiping the bathrooms, cleaning all floors. The regular cleaning checklist is presented below:

Bedrooms and Common Living Areas

  • Bed-making
  • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces
  • Wipe door handles/knobs & electric switches
  • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Cleaning all floors
  • Put out the garbages


  • Scrub sink
  • Wash cabinet outside and appliances
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean kitchen island
  • Clean all floors
  • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces
  • Wipe door handles/knobs and electric switches
  • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Put out the garbage


  • Wash and sanitize toilet, shower and sink
  • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces
  • Wipe door handles/knobs and electric switches
  • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures
  • Clean all floors
  • Put out the garbage

Deep Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a Move in/Move out cleaning service? Or hasn’t your home been cleaned for 2 months? Then we highly recommend to use deep cleaning service. The deep cleaning service includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to areas you may have forgotten to clean up for a long time.

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