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Weekend Agenda in Hanoi: Flower Workshops & Classes

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 03/25/2024
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After long, taxing workdays, we often seek weekend activities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Yet, Hanoi appears to offer limited options beyond café meetups, lively nights at clubs, or strolls through the city. But what if there were an alternative, a soothing escape to refresh your spirit? Consider indulging in a flower workshop and class in Hanoi. It’s a serene pastime perfect for weekends, shared with friends, that promises to replenish your soul.

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What do you get from flower workshops & classes?

Less stress & more energy

happy flower arranging in Hanoi

The benefits of fresh flowers on both health and spirit are backed by science. Research has shown that the sight of flowers uplifts our mood and boosts energy levels. The vibrant colors of flowers trigger the release of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in the brain, fostering feelings of happiness and contentment.

Serotonin, known for its role in promoting feelings of joy and satisfaction, surges when we engage in activities like admiring and arranging flowers. These actions spark excitement, pride, and a sense of accomplishment. And what about the outcome of your flower workshop creations? If they’re destined for gifting, the act of crafting bouquets triggers the release of oxytocin—a hormone linked to empathy, trust, and social bonding.

A study by Harvard Medical School in 2012 further confirms the positive impact of flowers on our well-being. Interacting with fresh blooms reduces anxiety and stress, lifts mood, and enhances empathy, leading to a happier and more productive work environment. It’s no wonder hospitals often feature bouquets of fresh flowers. Studies indicate that patients surrounded by flowers experience lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, diminished pain, and increased feelings of positivity and satisfaction.

Meaningful Gifts for Your Beloveds

flower box making in hanoi

Finding & giving a bouquet of flowers for a loved one is undoubtedly simple, but elevating it to something truly meaningful requires a personal touch. Imagine crafting that bouquet yourself, infusing it with your heart and emotions. That’s the essence of the experience offered by flower workshops & classes. Not only do you learn the art of arranging flowers, but you also have the opportunity to imbue your creations with a piece of yourself. Whether you choose to gift your masterpiece or use it to adorn your own space, each petal becomes a testament to your care and thoughtfulness.

Artistic interests & creativity stimulation

flower arranging hobby hanoi

For many people, artistic flower arranging has blossomed into a hobby. Through attending workshops and classes, enthusiasts immerse themselves in the floral realm, connecting with fellow flower lovers. With flower arranging being an art form, it welcomes diverse perspectives. Each culture brings its own unique viewpoint, and every country boasts its own special blooms. Scientific studies have shown that beholding our own “works of art” can trigger the brain to release happiness-inducing hormones, promoting feelings of relaxation, comfort, and joy in each individual. Join workshops and classes in Hanoi to indulge your passion for flower arranging and discover the beauty of this art form.

Where to join flower workshops & classes in Hanoi?

flower workshop in hanoi

Currently, Cam Floral House is hosting flower arranging workshops in Hanoi. The flower shop is situated in Vinh Hung ward, Hoang Mai district. However, fret not about the distance, as workshops are typically held in charming cafes nestled in central areas of Hanoi city. This ensures maximum convenience for participants. The workshops are reasonably priced, ranging from approximately 300K VND to 1M VND. Participants receive fresh flowers, flower arranging tools, and expert guidance from the florist. You’ll have the opportunity to take home your beautifully crafted floral creations. The workshops are designed to be enjoyable and relaxed, fostering a comfortable atmosphere for all attendees. Cam Floral House strives to make each workshop a memorable experience for every participant.

flower arranging class in hanoi

Cam Floral House extends their expertise beyond workshops to offer comprehensive fresh flower arranging classes in Hanoi. Individuals may have varying levels of experience and aspirations when it comes to floral design. That’s why the flower shop provides a range of options to cater to different skill levels and interests. For those just beginning their journey into the world of flower arranging, the basic classes offer a gentle introduction, covering fundamental techniques and principles. These classes are perfect for beginners looking to develop a solid foundation in floral design.

On the other hand, for students who are eager to delve deeper into the art of flower arranging and perhaps even pursue it as a profession, Cam Floral House offer professional classes. These courses are designed to provide advanced training and insights, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or an aspiring floral designer, the flower shop has the perfect class to help you hone your craft and unleash your creativity. Join and embark on a journey of discovery and growth in the captivating world of fresh flower arranging.

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