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Top Rated International Schools in Hanoi

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 03/03/2024
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International schools in Hanoi are now present at all educational levels. Such as preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school and most commonly university and postgraduate levels. The number of international schools in the capital is quite large due to the demand for high-quality education not only among foreign residents but also qualified Vietnamese families. By the end of 2023, there are 13 international schools in Hanoi with 100% foreign investment. There are many criteria to evaluate a school, so making a list of the top international schools in Hanoi is not easy. Through subjective knowledge as well as from information collection, this article provides additional reference information for parents. There is no confirmation about the quality of the schools mentioned below.

top international schools in hanoi

Primary & middle school system: Top 4 international schools in Hanoi

No 1: UNIS Hanoi (United nation internation school)

UNIS, established in 1988, is one of the first international schools in Vietnam. Currently, the school has over 1,100 students from more than 60 countries. UNIS admits students through a comprehensive application process, which includes academic transcripts, recommendations, standardized testing (for grades 3-11), and official high school transcripts (for grades 9-11). With a quality curriculum and very good facilities, the tuition here is therefore not low. This is also one of the schools with the highest tuition fees currently. The school is located within the Ciputra urban area, covering an area of 92,109 square meters – equivalent to the size of a shopping center. This is also the first school in Vietnam to utilize District Cooling technology, providing cooling for the entire school campus.

Despite high tuition fees, successfully enrolling in UNIS has never been easy, especially for students from countries like Vietnam and Korea. The number of registrations from students from these two countries is too much while there is a fixed rate regulation. UNIS is the first school in Asia to teach the International Baccalaureate program. Additionally, UNIS Hanoi is the only non-profit international school in the capital. The school also prides itself on having a dedicated and high-quality teaching staff. Profiles of all teachers are posted on the official website to build trust with parents. Does UNIS deserve to be number 1 in the list of best international schools in Hanoi? Please give me your opinion via our email.

unis hanoi top school

Tuition (2023 – 2024): 294M VND – 561M VND / year (for preschool), 695M VND / year (for primary school) and 735M VND – 832M VND / year (for middle school).

Address: G9 Block, Ciputra Urban Town, Tay Ho district, Hanoi


Residence recommendation: Rental in Ciputra

No 2: BVIS (British Vietnamese International School)

Established in 2013, BVIS is an English-Vietnamese international school. To enter the school, all students must take an entrance exam. The school may request a certificate of academic results, transcripts, letters of recommendation from the previous school or require the student to participate in an interview to determine qualifications. BVIS is one of the few schools in Hanoi that applies British and international curriculum in both English and Vietnamese. And at the High School level, students are prepared for the IGCSE International High School program and the International Baccalaureate A level program. These are prestigious international education certificates accepted worldwide.

Tuition for preschool will range from 202.6 to 274.4 million VND, for primary school from 369 to 374.4 million, for secondary school from 431.5 to 489.9 million for 1 year. This level includes uniforms, lunch, study materials, most after-school clubs, field trips, international certification exam fees, and health insurance. BVIS is considered as the second best international school in Hanoi.

bvis hanoi top school


Address: Royal City, Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi

No 3: SIS (Singapore International School)

This is an international school in the inner city area chosen by many Vietnamese parents due to its affordable tuition fees. Currently, there are 3 SIS schools in 3 districts: Ba Dinh, Hoang Mai and Tay Ho.

Singapore International School, part of KinderWorld Education Group, has many programs for all high school levels. Singapore International School combines teaching according to the curriculum of the Singapore Ministry of Education and Cambridge University (UK), with advantages in natural subjects and languages such as Math, Science and English. When completing the program, students receive a globally recognized diploma (iPSLE, IGCSE, A-level, GAC). This is the foundation that helps hundreds of SIS graduates access prestigious universities around the world.

sis hanoi top school


Address: Facility 1: lot THQT new urban area C2 – Gamuda Gardens, Hoang Mai district. Facility 2: D45-D46, Ciputra urban area, Tay Ho district. Facility 3: at 46 Van Bao, Van Phuc Diplomatic Corps Area, Ba Dinh District.

Residence recommendation: Apartment in Vinhomes Metropolis

No 4: JIS (Japanese International School)

Japanese International School (JIS) follows the Japanese educational model, with a combination of the Japanese educational program and the Cambridge International program. Students will be admitted to the school after having a valid application, attending an interview, and taking an entrance test. JIS tuition also increases gradually at each level, from 95 million to 266 million if paid for the whole year.

JIS provides an education system right from the preschool level based on the Japanese model, focusing on character education, qualities and ethics for students. Students will be trained to develop into excellent individuals who are intellectual, responsible, able to work independently and with discipline.

jis hanoi top school


Address: 36 To Huu, Van Phuc ward, Ha Dong district.

Top 3 international universities in Hanoi

No 1: RMIT University

RMIT University has an international reputation and is one of Australia’s premiere higher education institutions. Therefore, RMIT Vietnam also inherits and provides excellent education in the field of professional and vocational training, in applied research, and participates in solving the needs of businesses and the community.

RMIT students will learn from experts in their field, benefit from business networks and curriculum aligned with the latest industry trends.

Filip Laureys © 2016


Address: Kim Ma street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

No 2: VinUni

VinUni University was established by Vingroup in March 2018. Each project at VinUni is carefully cared for to bring users the best experience, aiming for a world-class learning environment. VinUni is heavily invested in facilities with a capital of up to 3,500 billion.

VinUni focuses on selecting and training talents in the fields of hotel business administration, real estate, science and technology, computers, information technology, and health.

vinuni top school


Address: Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lam district, Hanoi

No 3: BUV (British University Vietnam)

British University Vietnam (BUV) has extremely modern facilities, invested more than 70 million USD. BUV can accommodate more than 7,000 people, with tennis courts, a large classroom campus and many classrooms and research rooms to meet the learning, research and entertainment needs of lecturers and students. BUV is also the first and only international university in Vietnam to receive degrees directly from two prestigious British universities – University of London and Staffordshire University.

BUV actively cooperates and associates with more than 400 partners who are companies and corporations in Vietnam and around the world, to provide students with open career opportunities.

buv top school


Address: Ecopark Urban Town, Hung Yen

Which is your best international schools in Hanoi?

With the list of international schools in Hanoi provided above, the best choice for students will ultimately depend on financial considerations as well as preferences regarding the educational philosophy and facilities of each school. If a student finds a particular educational environment appealing, they can schedule a visit and consultation with the school to learn more.

Furthermore, the final choice may also depend on convenience in terms of transportation and the surrounding living environment. For example, besides being a good educational environment, UNIS, situated in the Ciputra urban area, offers an ideal living environment. There are thousands of apartment in Ciputra for parents to choose.

buv top school

Please contact us if you have any questions or opinions about top rated international schools in Hanoi. Our email box:

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