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Sunshine Group Quenches The Thirst for Sky Villas in Vietnam

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 10/24/2019
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Sunshine Crystal River Sky Villa


Sky Villas is a line of luxurious, unique and commodious property products. This type of real estate is actually available in many countries around the world, even Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore or Malaysia. However, Vietnamese super-rich and foreign investors had to expect a product worthy of their class for so long. Capturing that mentality, Sunshine Homes of Sunshine Group has created 2 masterpieces to meet the needs of the upper class. They are Sunshine Golden River & Sunshine Crystal River. These are the first 200 Sunshine Sky Villas in Hanoi.

What is a sky villa?

The genre originates from the city of Manhattan, USA – A place where artists and elites gather. With a large area, wide sky view, comfortable and modern design, Sky Villa apartments were born to inspire the owners of freedom and creativity.

Sky Villa is an apartment that might have 1 or 2 floors, located on the top floor of a high-end building. About the facilities and area similar to a luxurious airy resort with an outdoor pool, garden, fruit trees … The typical areas are normally 150 m2 or more.

There are many large transparent glass walls that takes the most advantage of light & wind from nature. All bring a refreshing, cool atmosphere to the living space. The floor-to-ceiling distance is also high to optimize visibility and comfort.
All amenities are integrated right in the residence with spacious garden landscape, an outdoor pool with a beautiful view from above …All space, functions and amenities are spread out on one floor, the partitions of the apartment are limited to create the widest viewing angle.


Sunshine Crystal River Project by Red River

The Thirst for Sky Villas in Vietnam

In the context of limited land fund and the fierce competition of the luxury real estate segment in the inner city, real estate developers need to exploit new factors, instead of just “ Nice house, big garden, full utilities ”. It cannot automatically become a resort paradise. From another perspective, the high-end apartment segment has 3 typical products that are the most preferred: Sky Villas, Penthouse and Duplex. In particular, Sky Villas is considered the “best” product line thanks to its privacy privileges and higher enjoyment value than the other two products.

The new generation Sky Villas is simply understood as the place where the private living, enjoyment and “living at home” experiences of the villas are brought to a high level. Regarding the “luxury”, Duplex, Penthouse, Sky Villas are all typical names, but when it comes to enjoyment, Sky Villas is a completely different level. Inheriting the design from the traditional villa model, Sky Villas ensures absolute privacy for homeowners. It’s expressed in factors such as private paths, private elevator lobbies … Especially, overcoming the challenges of High-rise structure, other privacy features of the sky villa such as swimming pool, garden … are maintained on each apartment.

Due to strict design rule and utility requirements, Sky Villa is not a popular product line in Vietnam market yet. Some rare projects can be found in Ho Chi Minh City, but in Hanoi, Sky Villas is almost absent. The mass market also has very little information due to the scarcity of the product line.

Foreign investors are also looking

Currently, Vietnam has about 82,000 foreigners living and working, as well as more than 4 million citizens who are interested in the domestic real estate market. These are considered an extremely potential customer group of the real estate segment.

According to statistics, foreigners are living and working in Vietnam mainly from countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Russia, USA … Most of them are concentrated in the central area or new developing region of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Demand for buying houses of this customer group, according to a report of HSBC Vietnam published not long ago, is at a quite high level. Specifically, HSBC said that 29% of foreign experts working in Vietnam are willing to use savings to consider the possibility of buying a home in Vietnam. They are among 30% of potential buyers of apartments, 2% of potential buyers of luxury apartments.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Duy, Director of Savills Housing Business Division in Ho Chi Minh City also shared with the press. Since 2015, the amendments to the Housing Law allow foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam makes a very positive change. By the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, there have been many projects completely meeting foreign customers’s need.

Sunshine Crystal River & Sunshine Golden River – Strange winds in the luxury real estate market

Sunshine Golden River project

Sunshine Golden River project

The Sunshine Sky Villas of Sunshine Homes refine the quintessence of the villa, Duplex apartment, Penthouse apartment. Learn from the types of real estate that are conquering the upper class in the world. In the middle of the sky, in their own luxurious oasis, Sunshine Crystal River owners will enjoy the self-contained facilities such as green square, aristocratic swimming pool, indoor children’s play area. , private lift lobby, gym, digital entertainment area, virtual interactive games …

Not only that, the Sky Villas of Sunshine Crystal River are also created by different thinking about architectural design, meticulous craftsmanship in interior branding, luxurious appearance in each scene utility. It has also a system of privileged services and technology of Industry 4.0.

It can be said that this project was developed based on the basic definition: bringing the resort experience to the apartments. Accordingly, the advantages of vision, design, utility privileges are basically maintained. But by researching, improving the design and structure of the building, and applying smart technology to product development, Sunshine Group has turned Sunshine Sky Villas into a more popular product. They have created a revolution for the luxury real estate market. Sky Villas still retain the original values ​​but will be an option within the reach of the majority of luxury customers when it is more affordable for the upper class.

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