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ZenPark Vinhomes Ocean Park – A miniature Japan in Hanoi

Posted by Harry Nguyen on 09/29/2021
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Pursuing the typical “meditation” style of Japan – country of the rising sun, The Zenpark subdivision at Vinhomes Ocean Park owns a rare peaceful living space in the middle of a busy city. Here, the Japanese garden philosophy is cleverly applied, balanced with 20 top-notch utilities to bring a high-class “dual resort” experience to the resident community.

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Zen philosophy with the symbol of reunion, longevity

In the past few years, owning a Koi aquarium worth millions of dollars or a hundred-year-old Podocarpus Macrophyllus gardens has become a luxury hobby of the Vietnamese elite. It is not difficult to explain this expensive avocation because both are perennial symbols for the Japanese royal family, bringing prosperity and longevity to the owner. Koi fish is inherently known as the “National Fish” of Japan, while each rhododendron is considered a masterpiece, requiring mindful care and meticulous pruning.

These are also two essential components that make up the unique landscape of the Japanese Garden. The meditative natural space that brings peace and precious tranquility has brought the Japanese Garden to the five continents.

In Hanoi, the Japanese Garden at The Zenpark of the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area brings a free-living style, deposited in the heart of the vibrant city of lakes and seas. This place perfectly applies the design of Tsukikijima – Garden combines hills and lakes. Each natural object such as stone, water, sand, soil, plants is delicately and meticulously arranged in a unified whole, contributing to bringing natural beauty and the Zen space of Japan.

Stepping through the red Torii gate of the only Japanese subdivision in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park, residents seem to be entering the land of prosperity and affluence. According to the philosophy of the Japanese Garden, bad energies will fly away, helping people be ready to absorb positive energy.

Stopping in the middle of The Zenpark, residents can breathe in the peaceful atmosphere, deposited from the green Podocarpus Macrophyllus hill in four seasons, full of vitality, symbolizing the noble style and eternal spirit. Sometimes it is simpler to slowly enjoy a cup of warm tea under the hexagonal hut, comfortably enjoy the original sound of running water and fish swimming. Not having to fly as far as 4000km, now, residents of The Zenpark have a miniature land of Japan right at the foot of their house, where every day they return, they return to peace and relaxation.

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Comfortable, bustling destination in the middle of a modern city

The inside of The Zenpark is the noble silence from the space of the Japanese Garden, showing the owner’s strict taste and respect for nature. Besides that, the central location and the complex of 20 top-notch utilities of the subdivision help bring comfort, modernity, and balance to all senses and experiences for each resident. Located on Ly Thanh Tong street, the lifeline of Gia Lam district in the future, The Zenpark welcomes the busy life and trade of Hai Dang 9 Trade and Service shophouses and complex modern floors with a four-season swimming pool with a glass roof, golf practice cage on the top.

Owning up to 8 apartment lines with diverse areas, The Zenpark Japanese subdivision with 4 “limited edition” towers offers the opportunity to experience the “dual resort” lifestyle to many customers and their needs. However, all apartment lines share outstanding advantages with large loggia and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, helping to optimize the view towards trendy European-style shops or a peaceful Japanese garden.

For the strict living standards of high-class customers, The Zenpark apartments equip high-class wall-mounted furniture according to Vinhomes standards from global partners, who are longtime suppliers for many customers. 5-star hotels in the world.

These days, The Zenpark is the hottest spot in the East of the Capital when all facilities are available, the peaceful life in the busy urban area reveals more and more clearly.

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